Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cake

Lotus Cake

QAR 179.00

Lotus Cake decorated with biscuits and jerry..

Lotus Delicious Cake

QAR 169.00

The mouth-watering Lotus CakeCake size: OptionalCake Sponge: VanillaCake Flavor: Lotus &nb..

Mango Cake

QAR 159.00

Mango flavored cake in a very attractive design, Sides of the cakes are made with Vanilla whipping c..

moon special cake

QAR 199.00

cake is rounded shape and it will arrange some creamy roses are on it. size is optionalfondant ..

Oreo Cake

QAR 169.00

Chocolate Cake with Oreo biscuit on top size is optional ..

Oreo Choco Cake

QAR 169.00

Cookies and chocolate lovers should try this once in their lifetime Cake size: OptionalCake Spo..

Rose Cake

QAR 169.00

Rose cakecream cakesize is optional ..

Rossy Chocolate Cake

QAR 149.00

Chocolate cakes are the best option for a birthday party.This one is the fastest moving chocolate ca..

Simple Red Velvet Cake

QAR 160.00

Delicious round red velvet cakecream cakesize is optional ..

Special Red velvet Cake

QAR 179.00

delicious round red velvet cakecream cakesize is optional ..

Vanilla Cake

QAR 149.00

delicious round vanilla cakecream cakesize is optional ..

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