A Fondant and A Cream Cake - What’s the Difference?

A Fondant and A Cream Cake - What’s the Difference?

“Cake is a very beautiful thing.” — Milly Shapiro

The highlight of any party is the inimitable cake. Invariably, a birthday party consists of decorations, friends & family lists, and CAKE. Many things go into buying the cake of your choice such as type, flavour, design, weight, and in many cases, pictures. When you go in for a cake, which one do you choose, the fondant or cream cake? If you are someone who doesn’t know the difference, then here goes.

Cake Fact: The design of the cake is decided by its icing.

Choosing between two delicious cakes can be rather tricky. Cream cakes have been around for a very long time and are traditional in nature. Fondant cakes are designer cakes that are intricately carved to suit the taste of the customer.

Fondant cakes

Fondant icing is a sugar paste and feels much like play dough. It is a mixture of gelatin, sugar, glucose and has a smooth and silky texture. It can be easily sculpted and rolled out on the cake. The finish of fondant cakes is rather smooth, and the colouring used is generally artificial food colouring that is absolutely consumable. This super smooth cake is the best foundation for intricate designs. They are chewy, soft and are long lasting. Keep them in the refrigerator for days together. Remember fondant cakes are extremely sweet – the kind of sweetness you like especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Cream cakes

A classic icing blended from sugar, cream, and butter whipped together is thick, fluffy and has a creamy consistency. Add any flavour to it easily such as vanilla, citrus, chocolate, and others, to prepare a tasty icing. Cream icing designs are attractive and usually come in the form of swirls, rosettes, etc., giving your cake the traditionally elegant look. Bringing out the dulcet flavour it can be enhanced using natural extracts. It is also lightweight and can be spread on cakes easily. You can enjoy a double helping of this cake without it being too sweet, especially the meringue butter cream varieties.

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