Best Cakes from around the world

Best Cakes from around the world

Cakes are pure delight. Whatever the flavour, every cake has a fan. In this series, we attempt to bring you some of the best and most unique cakes available around the world.

Potika – Slovenia

A nut roll, potica is a traditional cake and the pride of every Slovenian homemaker. This is generally prepared during Christmas and Easter. First mentioned sometime in 1575, this is a rolled dough cake primarily known to be reserved for the upper class. There are about 60 versions of the cake – where the filling differs – it could contain honey, poppy seeds, cottage cheese and hazelnuts. Some of the more modern potica versions include chocolate.

Valašský frgál – Czech Republic

Another traditional sweet cake, found in the south-eastern Moravian Wallachia region, Czech Republic, is just about 30 cms in diameter. On top, it comes sprinkled with gingerbread crumbs, cinnamon and sugar. You will also find some butter drizzled on it. Most of the cake is made up of toppings such as dried pears, fruits, cabbage, walnuts, and much more.

Kutsinta – Philippines

Uniquely prepared from rice flour, lye water, annatto powder and sugar, kutsinta is a steamed glutinous delicacy. After that, they are topped with coconut flakes. These are chewy in consistency, and to a great extent, healthy too due to their steamed variety.

Coca de San Juan – Spain

A festive and popular Spanish preparation, it contains a delectable combination of lemon, butter, milk, cherries and yeast along with crystallised ginger. Traditionally, the cake is served with a cup of tea on the side.

Bee Sting cake or Bienenstich - Germany

A highly popular traditional Bavarian dessert, the Bee Sting cake derives its name from legendary German bakers who threw beehives at raiders to repel them. The cake generously uses vanilla, liqueur, whole milk and honey.

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