Special Cakes

Heart Shape Chocolate Cake

QAR 169.00

Simply designed heart shape cake in chocolate flavor, ..

Heart Shape Chocolate Creamy Cake

QAR 159.00

If your loved one likes chocolate more then this cake will be the better option.This chocolate birth..

Heart Shape Rose Cake

QAR 169.00

This birthday cake is prepared in heart shape in cream design.This cake is available in various size..

Kiwi Cake

QAR 149.00

 kiwi taste cake and the pieces of kiwi fruit are on the cakesize is optional ..

Lotus Cake

QAR 179.00

Lotus Cake decorated with biscuits and jerry..

Lotus Delicious Cake

QAR 169.00

The mouth-watering Lotus CakeCake size: OptionalCake Sponge: VanillaCake Flavor: Lotus &nb..

Mango Cake

QAR 159.00

Mango flavored cake in a very attractive design, Sides of the cakes are made with Vanilla whipping c..

Oreo Choco Cake

QAR 169.00

Cookies and chocolate lovers should try this once in their lifetime Cake size: OptionalCake Spo..

Panda Cake

QAR 199.00

It is a very simple and beautiful cake for the Hairdressers Cake size:  OptionalCake Flavo..

Petitfour Biscuit

QAR 129.00

Different varieties of petit four biscuits are beautifully arranged in a plate...

Pink Girl Cake

QAR 259.00

This cake is specially prepared for the lady of your life.It is a sugar fondant designed cake with s..

Red Velvet Cream Cake

QAR 159.00

Delicious creamy Red Velvet cake for your loved oneCake Sponge: Red VelvetCake Icing: Fresh creamFla..

Romantic Cake

QAR 199.00

Romantic cake in round shape, cake prepared in sugar fondant design.This cake is prepared in vanilla..

Romantic Gift Box Cake

QAR 399.00

The cake is square in shape covered with sugar paste and decorated like a gift box. ..

Romantic Valentine Cake

QAR 239.00

This cake is specially prepared for the lady of your life.It is a sugar fondant designed cake with s..

Our Cake are great taste and good design and reasonable price too.  you can place order from anywhere and we do deliver in qatar,Doha

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