Kids Cake

Chocolate Square Photo Cake

QAR 215.00

This photo cake is prepared in chocolate flavor with chocolate sponge inside.There is option to uplo..

Dinosaur Theme Cake

QAR 219.00

cake is round in shape with yellow colour in it and a lizard on it. quand it is coverd with sugar pa..

Disney's Frozen Cake

QAR 350.00

Frozen theme cake sugar fondant design  with photo character on side of the cake The ..

fashion cake

QAR 425.00

a cake in which a  chappal and a bag on itFondant design cakesize is 2 kg ..

Frozen Theme cake

QAR 229.00

Frozen theme cake with frozen character printed on top of it It's a cream design cake prepared ..

green gift cake

QAR 400.00

green colour squer shaped cake with a white creamy ribbon decorated at the top and the cake is ..

kiwi cake

QAR 149.00

 kiwi taste cake and the pieces of kiwi fruit are on the cakesize is optional ..

Lotus Cake

QAR 179.00

Lotus Cake decorated with biscuits and jerry..

Lotus Photo Cake

QAR 205.00

This photo cake is prepared in lotus flavor with vanilla sponge inside.There is option to upload the..

Marine Theme Photo Cake

QAR 450.00

Kids love to design cakes most if there is their picture on it it will be double happiness. Thi..

Mom's Theme cake

QAR 210.00

This simple violet cake is made with the writing of "My Mom" in Arabic, it will be the best gift for..

nissan car cake

QAR 569.00

cake in the car shape covered with sugar paste3 kg fondant design cake  ..

Oreo Cake

QAR 169.00

Chocolate Cake with Oreo biscuit on top size is optional ..

Smiley Face Cake

QAR 189.00

This is a cream designed cake in vanilla flavor.Specially made for your cute little babies.Cake will..

Special Oreo Cake

QAR 159.00

Oreo biscuits are the favorite of many, this cake is specially prepared for them.Cake size: optional..

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