Birthday Cakes

Best birthday cakes are available for delivery or collection from our boutique bakeries. There are luxury birthday cakes to suit all ages and tastes, male and female. Customers can personalise their birthday cakes by adding names and numbers, or special birthday messages. Order birthday cakes.

Special Royal Cake

QAR 219.00

Are you looking for an attractive royal cake on your special occasion, then it should be the best op..

special strawberry cake

QAR 0.00

special strawberry cake covered with sugar paste ..

special violet cake

QAR 0.00

1 kg special violet cake ..

Square Vanilla Photo Cake

QAR 210.00

This photo cake is prepared in vanilla flavor with vanilla sponge inside.There is option to upload t..

Strawberry Cake

QAR 149.00

Best stylish strawberry cake in round shape, it is one of the most attractive design among strawberr..

strawberry spreaded cake

QAR 0.00

 1 kg cake in which strawberry is spread ..

sweet choco biscuit cake

QAR 0.00

1 kg sweet choco biscuit cake can serve 8 + ppl ..

Tiramisu Cake

QAR 149.00

vanilla spongeCream design caketiramisu flavorsize is optional ..

tutty frutty cake

QAR 0.00

cake is in the rounded by chocolates and decorated with fruits at the top. can serve 8+ ppl  ..

twinkle chocolate cake

QAR 149.00

Are you looking for attractive low budget cake, than it will be a great option.The mixed colors of d..

Two Heart Cakes

QAR 650.00

Two heart-shaped cakes are joined together, it will be the best attraction on the anniversary and ot..

vanila three roses cake

QAR 0.00

1 kg vanila three roses cake can serve 8 + ppl ..

Vanilla Cake

QAR 149.00

delicious round vanilla cakecream cakesize is optional ..

water drop cake

QAR 0.00

cake is in the rounded shaped with acreamy water drop on the top ..

yellow cake

QAR 0.00

yellow cake is a yellow colored square shaped cake with simple decoration ..

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