Kids Cake

bicycle cake

cake is a garden touch and a bicycle at top and the cake covered with sugar ..

Black Forest Cake

Stylish black forest cake with nice design, cherries arranged on top of the cake. ..

blue boy cake

one layer blue cake with a  creamy shoe on it and the cake is covered with sugar paste ..

Brown Chocolate Cake

1kg Yummy chocolate cake   Can serve 8+ppl   ..

Cake Saffron

Cake Saffrone..

cappuccino cake

cappuccino cake and you'll have a delicious accompaniment for your next cup of coffee at home. ..

Car Design Cake

 Car cake design in blue color,few car images in around the cake in that cake number "5" arrang..

carame photo cake

cake is rounded in shape with caramal flavour and a photo at the top ..

choco white cake

cake is in the rounded shape with white cream decorated with choco powder at the top it can serve 8+..

chocolite beads cake

1 kg chocolate cream coated chocolate cake with milk chocolatechips,chocolate beads and a chocopie o..

dolphin photo cake

1 kg dolphin photo cake can serve 8+ ppl ..

fashion cake

a cake in which a creamy cheppal and a bag on it ..

green gift cake

2kg green colour squer shaped cake with a white creamy ribbon decorated at the top and the cake..

kiwi cake

kiwi cake is rounded shaped cake kiwi taste and the pieces of kiwi fruit is on the cake ..

Lotus Cake

Lotus Cake decorated with biscuits and jerry..

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