Fashion Theme Cakes

blue boy cake

one layer blue cake with a  creamy shoe on it and the cake is covered with sugar paste ..

Car Design Cake

 Car cake design in blue color,few car images in around the cake in that cake number "5" arrang..

fashion cake

a cake in which a creamy cheppal and a bag on it ..

Mango Cake

Mango cake in round shape, special attraction top of the strawberry it makes more stylish. ..

Romantic Cake

Romantic cake  in round shape, in that cake heart shape top of the cake...

Special Birthday Cake

Pink color birthday cake decorated with flowers that made in good color theme, its very tasty cake ..

Strawberry Cake

Best stylish strawberry cake in round shape, some chocolate pieces scattered around the cake. ..

Yellow Special Cake

Stylish yellow cake in very tasty, biscuits decorated with cake  ..

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